How to build a Hovercraft

How to build a Hovercraft

How to build a hovercraft

Choice of Skirts

In the past we tried and rejected neoprene coated nylon, since this degrades in sunlight through UV degradation which weakens the fabric.

We also rejected Hypalon, which tears too easily - consider not only replacement costs but also the cost of shipping, which can double the cost.

We fit and supply polyurethane coated anti-rip nylon at 375 gsm. You probably have polyurethane on the soles of your shoes, it is very strong. These cost more but last years, rather than months.

Avoid a single bag skirt design, segmented skirts are best because you can just replace the skirt that gets damaged - the Hov Pod has 65 different skirt segment, in 4 shapes, type, a,b,c,and d. Each shape controls the air in a different way to reduce the chances of plowing.

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